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Not sure about the prices but you can try contacting the gallery via the contact info at the link below...


What is the net and retail price of Keith Haring's 'Untitled,' (blue sculpture) Break dance?
Morning Slayter

You know that David S. Rubin, the Brown Foundation Curator of Contemporary Art at San Antonio Museum of Art leads a tour for the museum's newly opened exhibition, Psychedelic: Optical and Visionary Art since the 1960s, running from March 13 to August 1. The show includes many of the most brilliant artists in the genre, Fred Tomaselli, Isaac Abrams, Phillip Taafe, Robert Williams, and many others. My piece, Journey of the Wounded Healer, is shown behind Mr. David Rubin. David and I are scheduled to have an artist's talk at the San Antonio Museum on Tuesday, May 4, at 6:30 pm. The event is FREE and seating is first come...

A mid-career survey of artwork by Anna Poor is on view at the Provincetown Art Association Museum (PAAM) March 12 -May 2, 2010. The power of narrative generated by mythology, folklore, and religious visual culture.

The four major components of the Arts and Humanities are visual art, music, dance, and drama/theatre. Explain how all four art forms (visual art, music, dance, drama/theatre) are used in a Broadway musical to produce a unified experience

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