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Thank you for reporting this. Has anyone looked into where all of the money that Spaceworks received from the City, foundations and other donations has gone? They received millions of dollars for projects on Governors Island and elsewhere that were never completed. In mid 2019 they fired half if their staff and their director quit. Why did Spaceworks fail?

Sad story, but very well reported, thorough, and an easy read. Hope some evil but open-minded landlord develops a heart, like the Grinch, and writes a happy ending to this tale.

Thank you so much for writing about this! Do you think there's any way that the new Gowanus space Powerhouse could step in and help? https://www.powerhousearts.org/

In what I initially read, they were interested in responding to local artists' needs. That led to a focus on fabrication, it seems, but perhaps there is some way they could respond to this current crisis.


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